Kannada Bigg Boss Season 7 Contestants List

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7

Bigg Boss Kannada 7

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 or Bigg Boss Kannada 7 is the progressing current Sixth season of the unscripted television game show demonstrated as Bigg Boss Kannada, hosted by Kiccha Sudeep. This season has 13 (From the beginning) and 2 wild card entry’s housemates with over 70 cameras. The aim of the seventh season of this reality show is to discover who is a great person, a good person and who is the bad person. The season will be started on 13 October 2019 and will be for 105 days this time and starts on Colors Kannada.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 (BBK7) will be the seventh season of the Kannada TV series Bigg Boss Kannada, scheduled to be broadcast at 6 p.m. on 13 October 2019. Kiccha Sudeep will take up his role as the show’s host. Commoners auditions were launched in July 2019 through the Voot website. On the Colors Super and Colors Kannada HD channels, the show will be telecasted every day.

Kannada Big Boss Season 7 Start Date

Kannada TV series Bigg Boss Kannada’s seventh season is about to premiere on October 13, 2019. After original airing, all the episodes and regular highlights have been made available on the Voot website.

Kannada Big Boss Season 7 Host

kiccha sudeep Bigg Boss HostBigg Boss Kannada will all be back on the small screen this October with season 7. One of the most successful and controversial reality shows on Kannada television is the series, which typically premieres during the final quarter of the year.

Kiccha Sudeep will continue to host the series just like the previous seasons, Kannada film industry’s Abhinaya Chakravarthi.

Since it premiered the first season, the actor has been associated with the series and has succeeded in being the ideal mentor and a guide to the constant tests entering the Bigg Boss house.

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 7 Contestants List

Below is Kannada Bigg Boss Season 7 Contestants List With Images:

1. Bhoomi Shetty

Bhoomi Shetty is a stunning South India star. Most of the time, she works in the tv series of Kannada. She was awarded the 2018 Most Desirable Woman title in 2019. Also, in Ninne Pelladtha, Bhoomi is best known for her role as a Mrudula.

Bhoomi Shetty was born and raised to Kundapur’s family. From her city, she did her initial schooling. She moved to higher research in Bangalore after that. Since childhood, Bhoomi has been very involved in performing & dancing.

2. Duniya Rashmi

Duniya Rashmi is an actress and model of Kannada film. She was born and brought up in the city of Mangalore. An engineer who has become an actress, Rashmi in the entertainment industry comes a long way. In Duniya, a Kannada movie, she made her acting debut.

Her popular performance and appearance earned her Best Actress Kannada Award for Filmfare. In addition to being in the world of celebrities, actress Rashmi is a great human being and social activist. In 2019, as a celebrity contestant, Duniya Rashmi took part in Bigg Boss Kannada 7.

3. Deepika Das

Deepika Das is an actress and model who appears predominantly in series of Kannada language TV. Based in Karnataka city of Hassan, she grew up in Bangalore. She was born in the city of Hassan in Karnataka state on February 23, 1993. Deepika Das’s age as of 2019 is 26. She also belongs to a family of Brahmin and practices the Hindu tradition.

Films and TV shows intrigued Deepika. She began to work on her career as a model in Bangalore during her college days. She made her film debut performing in 2014 and rose to fame from her popular Nagini TV serial success. Deepika Das took part as a celebrity contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7.

4. Chaitra Kottur

In Mounesh Badiger’s Sooji Daara, Kotturr was an actress, scriptwriter and theater performer.

5. Chaitra Vasudevan

Chaitra Vasudevan is a cute South India television guy. She is a popular Vj and anchor in the movie industry in Kannada. She is best known for her stunning look and soft voice. Chaitra Vasudevan became a member of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 reality shows in 2019.

Chitra Vasudevan was born and raised in Bangalore’s well-educated family. From her home town, she completed her schooling and further education. Chaitra has been very passionate about singing, acting, and other entertainment arts since her childhood.

Her enthusiasm for the media and entertainment industry allowed her to introduce herself as a VJ in Udaya Tv during her college days. With her sweet voice and lively accent, she became very popular. First, from many series, Chaitra Vasudevan had lots of offers and opportunities.

6. Chandana Ananthakrishna

Chandana is a well-known actress from south India. Mostly, She works in Kannada tv serials. She became very popular as a Chukki from the tv serial ‘Raja Rani‘.

Chandana began her career with Kannada television as a professional actor in 2018. She made her debut with Raja Rani’s TV series. She became very famous in the serial because of her role as Chukki. People love her ability to act and look beautiful.

7. Chandan Achar

Chandan Achar is a well-known South Indian star. He operates mostly in the language of Kannada. He is best known for the “Kirik Party” movie. In 2019, Chandan became part of the season 7 of the popular reality show Bigg, boss.

At a very young age in 2016, Chandan Achar started his professional career. He featured in the Kirik Party movie for the first time. He got a tremendous appreciation for playing in the film. He then appeared in movies such as Kariyappa’s Mugulu Nage and Chemistry.

8. Gurulinga Swamy

Gurulinga Swamy is a Haveri Mutt mendicant. He joined Bigg Boss 7 in his capacity as a contestant.

9. Harish Raj

Harish Raj is an actor and director active in Kannada Film Industry, Indian film and television. In 1996 he made his acting debut in the television serial Hosa Chiguru Hale Beru, and in 1998 he made his debut with Doni Saagali in feature films. He is now the contestant of Bigg Boss Kannada season 7.

10. Jai Jagadish

Jai Jagadish is a Kannada film industry Indian actor, director, and producer. He started his career as an actor in Phalitamsha and continued to appear as an actor in more than 300 movies.

He became a producer for the movie Bhoomi Thayiya Chochchala Maga in 1998. His debut film as a director was Madana. He is now the contestant of Bigg Boss Kannada season 7.

11. Kishen Bilagali

Kishen Bilagali is a southern India dancer. In 2018, he won the popular reality dance show ‘ Dance Dewaane ‘. ‘Also, Kishen was part of the successful ‘ Bigg Boss Kannada ‘ reality show in 2019.

Kishen was born and raised in Chikmagalur, Karnataka’s family. He did his primary education away from the house from the boarding school. He then graduated from Bangalore. Kishen had been influenced by his late mother since his childhood to learn to dance.

12. Priyanka Chandrika

Priyanka Shivanna is an actress and model for Kannada TV. In Bangalore, she was born and raised. Priyanka has been profoundly interested in acting and modeling since childhood. Therefore, she started her modeling career in Bangalore at the age of 19.

In addition to the acting field, Shivanna is a passionate dancer with classical Indian dancing skills. From her role as Chandrika, Priyanka Shivanna rose to fame.

13. Raju Talikote

Raju Talikote is an Indian film actor/singer who has worked mainly in the film industry in Kannada. He has been involved in popular films such as Jai Kesari Nandana, Gaanchali. His previous movie to hit the theaters in 2019 was Jai Kesari Nandana.

14. Shine Shetty

Shine Shetty is a well-known South India actor. He is best known in the Kannada tv series for his work. He became known for the Meera Madhava series. Shine is good at acting, apart from acting. Shine took part in the reality show Bigg boss Kannada 7 in 2019.

15. Sujatha Akshaya

Sujatha Akshaya is a famous Bangalore TV personality. She was born and brought up to a middle-class family in Bangalore. Sujatha has had a dream since childhood of living her life as she wishes.

She never knew she would become an actress and benefit from her work such popularity. She also conducted studies of the secretariat. Sujatha completed her diploma course in secretarial practices from Oxford University.

16. Vasuki Vaibhav

Vasuki Vaibhav is a well-known South Indian musician. He is best known for his singing and acting abilities, working mostly in the language of Kannada. With the Rama Rama Re, he became famous. Vasuki Vaibhav was Bigg Boss Kannada’s guest in 2019.

Vaibhav Vasuki belongs to Mysore’s Hindu community, Karnataka. He finished his initial Bangalore report. Vaibhav graduated in mass communication after college. Since childhood, Vaibhav has been very talented in singing and writing.

17. Ravi Belagere

bigg boss kannada season season 7 contestants list with photos

It is also said that renowned journalist Ravi Belagere will offer a wild card entry to the famous Boss Season 7 home. Ravi Belagere is a Bengaluru, Karnataka, India based author and journalist. He is the publisher of Hi Bangalore’s Kannada language tabloid and O Manase’s magazine for the fortnight.

18. Kuri Prathap

bigg boss kannada season 7 contestants 2019

Kuri Pratap is another celebrity on the list. Pratap is already trying on television to take Bigg Boss home to laugh. Prathap is an Indian film actor in the Kannada film industry known by his professional name, Kuri Prathap. Some of Prathap’s leading actor movies include Mylari, Godfather, Brindavana, and Auto Raja.

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 7 Wiki

Bigg Boss Kannada Start Date Oct 13, 2019
The host of Bigg Boss Kannada Kiccha Sudeep
Timings Everyday 8 pm IST
Broadcast Channel Colors Super / Colors Kannada

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